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Welcome to the Trust

Walsall Football Supporters Trust is an independent, non-profit making organisation which is owned and run by it's members. Formed in 2001 by supporters of Walsall Football Club, the key aims of the Trust are to work towards obtaining a 'representative voice' within the Club itself; a voice for the fans, by the fans and to strengthening bonds between Walsall Football Club, it's supporters and the local community... read more.




Do we have your correct personal contact details?
It is the responsibility of ALL our Members to ensure that the Trust holds their correct personal contact details including name, postal address, email address (if provided) and telephone number (if provided). Any changes must be reported via email to as soon as possible to make sure that our records are kept up to date and to allow us to contact you regarding up and coming General Meetings, Elections or Events.
What is a Supporters Trust?
Supporters Trust's are formed to promote and support the concept of open and democratic supporter representation and ownership through mutual non-profit making structures, to promote football clubs as community institutions and work towards preserving the competitive values of league football in the UK, as well as promoting the health of the game of football itself.




튉 2011. Walsall Football Supporters Trust is the trading name of Walsall Supporters Society Limited which is registered under the Industrial & Provident Societies Act 1965-1978 and regulated by (with the guidance of Supporters Direct) the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).


Registration Number: IP30010R


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